Alma Fullerton - Children's Author/Illustrator 


Workshops and editing  or critique services

Alma Fullerton does presentations and writing workshops for both children and adults. She has also edited children's novels for various publishers. Please contact her for editing or critique pricing.

Children's Book Talks
- Maximum 100 students

 Alma book talks help promote literacy and may include how she overcame obstacles to become an author/illustrator, illustration demonstrations and or a reading followed by a discussion based on the reading, and questions and answers. 

For grades K-2 - Alma will showcase a reading of one or more of her picture books.

No More Plastic will lead to a discussion about things children can do to help the environment. 

Pockets Full of Sea Glass will lead to a discussion about emotions and things you can do to help with anxiety, worry or anger.

For grades 2-5 Alma’s middle grade novels will be highlighted.

The Journal of Anxious Izzy Parker - Alma will do a reading and have an open discussion with your students on mental health, and anxiety with a question and answer period.

Twisting Forward Flipping Backward - Alma will do a reading and have an open discussion with your students about her journey with dyslexia, and ADHD talking about overcoming obstacles with a question and answer period.

Writing and Illustration workshops for children - Maximum 30

Alma works with educators to customize both writing and illustration workshops.

Writing workshops include a writing exercise where the students practice techniques.  

Full Picture book workshops - (without illustration) this would be a full day.

Workshops can include

Showing not telling.

Character building

Revising your writing

World building

Illustration workshops 

Picture Book Scene building 

Using recycled materials and collage or diorama 

Art workshops 
Creating art using found objects and recycled materials

Equipment and Other Requirements:
Alma is comfortable presenting in a classroom or online. For larger groups she may require a microphone and a screen for presentations. A table to display books would be also required. Although she is comfortable in a classroom, she requests that one or more teachers or other school representatives be present at all times.