Me and my siblings on my second birthday.

A throw back to my parents in the 50's or 60's

About Me

​I was born in Ottawa Ontario.
My dad was in the military so when I was two we moved to Trenton. It was odd back then to stay in one place for a long time but we had a big family and my dad was waiting to get a particular posting.   He finally got a posting out west and we moved to Comox BC.  By this time my two older brothers and my oldest sister were already out of the house.
I moved to Germany after high school where I met my husband who was stationed in Lahr at the time. We moved back to Canada together, where had two daughters and were stationed in NS,  BC,  and Ont. We now live in PEI.

Write the book you want., not the book someone else wants you to write. They have the right not to like it, or refuse to buy it but they do NOT have the right to tell you what to write.

​- Jane Yolen

Alma Fullerton - Children's Author/Illustrator